Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Best Grecian Hairstyles

- Symptoms of hepatitis Hepatitis

The chart above shows the incidence rate per year of enta ' hepatitis A in Italy. Currently, those at highest risk of infection are undoubtedly the young people aged between 15 and 24 years, residents in the South and Islands. The main risk factors associated with hepatitis A are the ingestion of raw seafood, contaminated water, contact with jaundiced patients as well as travel to endemic areas. Symptoms of hepatitis A are reported hepatitis A by clicking the link on the side.

Population groups that recommend vaccination:
  • travelers who go to countries with high endemicity

  • Military

  • Addicts active

  • patients awaiting liver transplantation who are not already immune to HAV

  • person handling of water and sewage

  • Persons exposed to contact with patients with hepatitis A in an outbreak in the community or institutions

  • and close contacts of patients living with hepatitis A

  • healthcare workers exposed to hepatitis A virus


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