Wednesday, April 8, 2009

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Abruzzo earthquake shakes us all! (WORK IN PROGRESS ASSOCIATION)

The tragedy that, Sunday, April 5, 2009, hit the Eagle and small towns surrounding it melts your heart and leave us without words, and images of destruction and devastation in the mind flow without brake

Today many children of Monte Sant'Angelo, fortunately survived the earthquake last night, reside in L'Aquila for study, as so many generations in the past have attended the university student and have lived in the now destroyed .

There are our fellow countrymen who, having resided for several years in those areas today bear witness to the hospitality of their peoples and the climate of availability and familiarity within which they lived and studied.

view of this, the drama of Abruzzo is a drama that touches Monte Sant'Angelo and indirectly urging everyone to do something.

We are bringing forward some initiatives, together with other associations such as the UGR 27, for help to arrive at the place of the earthquake basic necessities, but we feel that this is not enough!

so dramatic at this time we think of the 70,000 displaced people, just 336 km away from us since yesterday and that did not own a house to mourn the sad fate.

passes before our eyes appeals to provide beds for those who do not have more than one and here comes to mind a question: the council could groped to intercede with the different owners of the many empty houses in the historic center and not only because it is made available temporarily to some of the displaced?

We think that the City Council, the authority that comes from his strong institutional role, along with a technical staff and with the cooperation obtained from the respective owners could list all the possible homes and report to the authorities for the provision some of the homeless.


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