Monday, March 7, 2011

Wrestling Mats In Windsor

Paulistão: first Corinthians, Santos and Sao Paulo take hit

From: Tropic of Football

Locked surprise Mirassol (2-2 comeback with the Noroeste), Corinthians, now orphaned by Roberto Carlos and Ronaldo (though the president Andres Sanchez argues that another game with them will make the phenomenon. ..) takes back the lead of the Paulistão solo. Tite's team went on to win on the field of "lantern" Linens with a goal for time to sign the striker still Liedson, the eighth center in six matches with Tima.
lag behind Corinthians, Santos and Sao Paulo. Without Elano or Neymar (this however is that the Carnival of Rio to Salvador de Bahia ...), the pockets Peixe a victory thanks to two goals of the "Genoa player" Zé Eduardo, Ze now Love to all, easily defeated Oeste. The Tricolor is put under the São Caetano (all match HERE ), 2-0 with goals from Jean and Rhodolfo. PC Carpegiani, as announced, drawing a 442 with Lucas and Jean leaving large, Rodrigo Souto Casemiro front of the defense and with some more fires to break away in the middle of the field, second striker Dagoberto and José Willian first reference offensive. The St. Paul suffered a lot but do not create the deadlock and the defense holds dell'Azulão. In the second village paulista coach the team off balance by putting the midfielder for Marlos Casemiro. Just from a free kick from substitute, head of the central Rhodolfo nock, get the goal that marks the game, then closed to 2-0 on Jean, after many sufferings, even crucial Rogerio Ceni. Bad draw at home for Palmeiras. Against the Verdão Santo André, in superior numbers from the middle of the first fraction, but not scoring produces networks and the result does not unlock.


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