Thursday, February 26, 2009

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In recent days it has been much talk of the Contract Area. The first field is solely responsible for Paul and the provincial committee have drawn a few days after the proposed budgets and visions on the issue.

Masulli Antonio and Michele Fusilli Association Work in Progress think they have to step in and provide a contribution, in view of the fact that new investments will be made and you can not (must) make mistakes.

"We believe infrastructure, as well as in the Third protocollo, debbano prevedere tutto tranne opere che poi risultano essere doppioni. Il terzo modulo del terzo protocollo aggiuntivo prevede la realizzazione di opere infrastrutturali, scelte effettuate qualche anno fa e che probabilmente andrebbero riviste, rimodulandone le risorse. La costruzione di un nuovo depuratore in zona D46 ci sembra quantomeno discutibile, in relazione al fatto che nell’ultimo periodo sembrano ripresi i colloqui con la Syndial (Ex Enichem), proprietaria di un mega depuratore che potrebbe servire tutte le aziende delle aree industriali. Situazione analoga รจ quella rivolta alla creazione di un bacino d’acqua in zona “Monte Aquilano”, sempre a corredo della D46. Occorre considerare che le tubature provenienti dalla pass the dam near the area, and then we wonder if the water supply is the need more urgent.

Why not create a system, then offering shared choices in the area? This is necessary where it is needed to make important decisions for the economic development of an area in need of frugal choices. You could hear the entrepreneurs themselves to determine what actions may be useful to take to the infrastructure network, allow companies to decide their future is an option to consider.

Our ideas are simply reflections of the political class of captains! The hope is that it opens a table that brings together the various institutions concerned to give a common guideline to the detriment of parochialism sterile, and this after having listened carefully to the companies.

Finally we would like to dispel a little hasty analysis, with respect to our possible membership in the UDC or Rosa Bianca (but still exist?) Or the Democratic Party.

from several quarters we have been urged to clarify the position of our association in the political landscape of mountain and today we take this opportunity to publicly state that "Work in progress" is neither the ribs, or the crutch of some of the parties present political scenario in the mountain, and is not itself a party. In our association freedom exists with respect to what the individual members feel they want to do outside, on a personal level, in the political arena.

We had the opportunity, during the intense and fruitful discussions with the artisans and merchants, to represent our beliefs and our common identity, far from "parallel convergences" or historic compromises with any political force in this field, despite the constant pressure we get, in view of coming elections.

Perhaps the "no", which, as an Association, now we tell so many lies and slander will cost at our expense, via web and in print, but we are happy and confident of having do, continue to quietly work the way we started and we are aiming to complete and will be gradually making clear it is our choice and we are prepared to defend it by all means.


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