Monday, January 25, 2010

Kate's Palyground Full Sets


Quando si pensa a questa competizione preelettorale must start from a given: in these primaries, there has been defeated by the Democratic Party because:
- in many (and I was one of those) in the party we shared the need of the primary methods, recognizing them as the instrument necessary to choose a candidate, in deference to those that provide the same status (I remember saying in a speech that the primaries are the answer to the questions of Duverger)
- a big part of the Democratic Party at all levels, has voted for Vendola.

the side of the PD is another problem:
- you chose the worst time to confront the political project on which we like, because when we chose as secretary Bersani of PD, we knew we would have tried to work for a wider coalition UDC, and yet I have not seen many friends of the Democratic Party to protest or argue against, as it was on this occasion;
- you chose the worst METHOD: The primary party coalition rather than opens the primaries, because if someone inside the PD had been raised (this time having the courage) to challenge an alleged method of choosing the candidate Boccia oligarchic and challenge that approach and that candidate to "single combat" I would have chosen this part, because this is the idea that I agree with the policy, what is the bottom etc, because I want the Democratic Party is new and competitive, even before a full coalition.

This did not happen, because there was a delegation of courage to Vendola (more like a blank check), who used it legitimately being moved, however, not by a desire to see our new and competitive party, away from the oligarchs, and able to interpret the feelings of the people, but simply to win the primaries for the candidate of the coalition.

At this point the two roads have opened the eyes of the leaders of the Democratic Party: Choose the way that I think is a time and a wrong way to enforce the policy that we like INSIDE the PD, or choose the membership of a party and its candidate si confrontava con quello della SEL.

Io, insieme ad alcune questioni di merito, ho ritenuto la seconda via preponderante e meritevole di attenzione: l'appartenenza; perchè le battaglie vanno fatte DENTRO al PD, con il coraggio necessario e nei momenti giusti, quando in ballo non c'è l'attendibilità di un simbolo in cui credo; per questo ho votato Boccia.

Ora credo che chi attacca i sostenitori di Boccia faccia 2 errori:
1) non ricorda che le regionali dobbiamo farle tutti insieme;
2) toglie onore ad una competizione che non da schiaffi, ma democrazia.

Mettiamoci a lavorare tutti insieme perchè le regionali sono la partita che occorre vincere con Nichi presidential candidate.


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