Tuesday, August 3, 2010

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INSIDE From the time we are concerned, but today we received the request for help from a fellow villager and our friend, Angela Salcuni, about the dramatic situation of the workers on the farm as his father and their respective families and we wanted to speak directly to her.

These are his liberal considerations:

"In September 2009, I sought the attention of" institutions "through an article published in the local press, asking for clarity and especially support for the workers the INSIDE, like my father, not long ago perceived the salary, or rather the perceived regularly with "large" delay! I asked for clarity on the difficulty of cunning, but then no crisis was announced, but only temporary liquidity problems, this They argued that the union is only in September last year.

On 24 May, the CGIL trade union organizations, CSIL and UIL, concluded the agreement with the owners INSIDE, providing that the layoff would Ordinary taken June 4, for thirteen weeks and in addition to establishing that the company would advance the social safety net and the balance of entitlements backward per i dipendenti che avrebbero effettuato la rotazione a partire dal 10 luglio.

Purtroppo quell’accordo si è rivelato lettera morta, perché i dipendenti non hanno percepito nessun ammortizzatore sociale e non hanno effettuato nessuna rotazione. In realtà tra gli operai c’erano perplessità per come si era conclusa la faccenda tra i Sindacati e Bolici, proprietario della INSIDE, e le domande che ci ponevamo e che ci poniamo ancora sono:
1) perché l’azienda e le parti sociali hanno previsto nell’accordo che Bolici doveva anticipare la Cassa Integrazione, sapendo invece che già da tempo non riusciva a pagare i normali stipendi?
2) perché non è stato previsto che l’ammortizzatore was paid directly by the INPS social? (Bolici being in trouble, maybe it was the best thing to do !!!!).

Meanwhile, our Mayor does he? Be heard and help us to get out of the mud in which we are!! His right-wing majority realizes that there are workers in Monte Sant'Angelo? It's OK for us young people here and there are no prospects if they have not glimpsed, because politics do not know how to build, agree that we live in an age of insecurity (if there has it), but salary of our fathers do not touch!

INITIATIVES TO U.S. FOR SUMMER 2010 ARE NOT a damn, WHY ' DO NOT FAIL at leisure ... we have the lump in my throat and I leave CHAT FOR INTELLECTUAL WHO HAS THE BELLY FULL! Before

not make ends meet with a salary, let alone now that salaries do not perceive; NOW WE THE "BRIGHT"!

the upper reaches of Trade Unions to take care about our situation and give you to do, while we also ask for help to the governor of Puglia to intervene directly or through its Councillors. (Angela Salcuni).

Salcuni For Angela, her father and all the workers of the pitfalls to be convinced our solidarity together to secure support through actions and to take, hoping that this little tool will allow the launch of a resolution of the dramatic situations they find themselves today.

(Antonio and Pasquale Masulli Lauriola: Civic Network - Citizens for Monte Sant'Angelo)


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