Sunday, October 31, 2010

Bob Beck Protocol Review

Brindisi school books if they are on their own! ... And Monte?

few months ago highland families have faced the usual shopping for' purchase of school books for their children.

In this regard, some parents have asked us to emphasize a long-standing problem, whose solution would allow families to save money on the purchase of textbooks: high school, for example, often decide to change the textbooks at the end of two years or the next three years, and this forces students to buy new ones instead of exchange used without incurring significant costs borne by households.

On the issue of school textbooks in Brindisi, things went differently this year: ITIS "Majorana" Brindisi el'ITIS "Fermi" di Francavilla Fontana have developed thematic handouts to distribute to students.

behind this important work there was the extraordinary work of 300 teachers, who drew up the dossier to be provided to students of the two technical institutes, the savings amounted to around EUR 1,000,000.00 for 4,000 families affected, that it avoided having to buy textbooks.

We imagine that all this could happen even Monte Sant'Angelo if, for example, teachers begin to work now in order to develop and print all necessary that the material is ready for the next school year, there would be considerable savings for our families. In this context, suppose that the administration could intervene to facilitate the process and give economic aid.

In this situation, our teachers would be charged an additional work, we are sure, would be willing to offer for a good cause like this, imagine that in the budget of a school are required to repay the amounts useful for teachers of their availability in a case, despite the deep cuts Gelmini.

times of crisis in which we live require us to verify the feasibility of this proposal!


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