Saturday, November 6, 2010

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I remember my father ...

Sarebbe stato bello se lui stesso, Gennaro Masulli, mio padre, oggi avesse avuto la possibilità di descrivere a tutti noi le sensazioni, le difficoltà, le soddisfazioni e gli stati d’animo provati durante la sua carriera professionale come dirigente scolastico nella Scuola Elementare Giovanni Tancredi.
Ricordo il tempo che trascorreva nel suo studio a preparare with meticulous care all that has affected the next day at school. Did not usually report to us what was going on at home during the hours of work, but knew all about him and it was difficult to interpret their behavior and understand what were the concerns and anxieties of the moment, which came from the responsibility for school .
I believe that his work engages him for much of the day, far beyond what they say school time and every time perfectly reconcile his professional obligations and the mental toll, which was to those with the constant and challenging role father and husband.
In his life of the head teacher took turns to events known to be important situations that sometimes it is completely absorbed. I remember one of many, during some of the summer holidays he spent his time planning the school week and did not want anyone to delegate to. We trusted that it was difficult especially if there were reductions in hours.
There were, however, the happy times and carefree, including year-end performances or other events organized by "his masters", so affectionately called them.
Among other readings, in which loved to dive, there were other subjects of relevance to the school in its various aspects, especially of those memories, "Letter to a Professor" by Don Milani. He believed that there were many good reasons because a teacher would gather the teaching of the prior of Barbiana, recognizing him as one of the landmarks in his career.
Sometimes there are circumstances that have caused disappointment and regret, but I'm sure that if he were among us today, it would be a thousand times more happy to relive his experience to Tancredi.
of him today there are many things and it comforts us to see that many good teachers, his fellow officers, his friend Joseph Totaro and all the staff of the school still remember him and sincerely admire the skills and professional qualities.

(From "THE HERITAGE OF TWO HUNDRED YEARS OF PRIMARY EDUCATION IN THE CITY 'Monte Sant'Angelo "by Prof. Michael D'Arienzo - Yearbook Didactic John Tancredi)


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