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Hepatitis E Hepatitis D (Delta)

Hepatitis Delta (D)

The infectious agent of ' Hepatitis Delta is known as HDV is classified among the so-called satellites or viruses that require subvirion presence of another virus to be able to replicate. The virus 'Hepatitis D to infect liver cells, in particular, requires the assistance of the virus' Hepatitis B, then the infection also occurs in patients affected by HBV.
Delta hepatitis infection can occur in two ways: la prima é l'infezione simultanea da virus B e D. In questo caso si verifica un epatite clinicamente simile all’ Epatite B . La seconda é la sovrainfezione di virus D in un portatore cronico di HBV. Si verifica a questo punto una nuova epatite acuta a volte fatale. Studi recenti hanno dimostrato che, in Europa e in Usa, il 25-50% dei casi di Epatite fulminante che si pensavano associati al virus dell’ Epatite B , erano invece causati da HDV.
In entrambi i casi l’infezione può diventare cronica e in questo caso ha generalmente un decorso più severo rispetto a quella da virus B.

MODE OF TRANSMISSION: mode of transmission is the same as' Hepatitis B and the incubation period ranges from 2 to 8 weeks.
were identified three genotypes of HDV. The genotype is the most common, genotype II was detected in Japan and Taiwan, while genotype III is present only in the Amazon.
D virus infection is widespread throughout the world, and it is estimated that about 10 million people with hepatitis D virus and its support, the EBV.

PREVENTION: As regards preventive measures, that is prophylaxis for EBV / HBV: the vaccine against 'Hepatitis B will be able to protect even against' Hepatitis D .


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