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Laser against bad breath from tonsils

laser technique against bad breath from tonsils cryptic

If the 'bad breath from cryptic tonsils despite truce does not give you candy, mouthwash and toothpaste, a new hope from even potrebbegiungere laser. Report scientists from the biomedical research center Sapir Israel, in Kfar Saba.

causes. L ' halitosis can be very detrimental for those who have it and feels uncomfortable in the clear parlare con gli altri, sia per coloro che gli stanno vicino e ne subiscono le conseguenze senza potersi difendere. Cause principali dell’alitosi sono le infezioni/infiammazioni del cavo orale e dell’apparato digerente superiore (stomatiti, gengiviti etc.). Generalmente i colpevoli dell'alito cattivo sono i batteri che si annidano tra i denti e le gengive e che rilasciano gas dall'odore poco gradevole.

U na buona igiene della bocca è sufficiente per risolvere il problema, la situazione è più complessa quando i batteri si annidano nelle pieghe delle tonsille , un ambiente ideale dove vivono e si moltiplicano indisturbati.

technique. The new technique, developed by the group led by Yehuda Finkelstein, has been tested on 53 patients, all suffering from a serious bad breath from tonsils. Fifteen minutes of laser application, writes the British weekly New Scientist we eliminate this disorder. The laser is able to sniff out bacteria and, striking the folds of tissue in which they hide, creating scars that may no longer be colonized by microorganisms and other annoyances.

treatment is done simply with a few drops of anesthetic gas on the tonsils and is not particularly painful. For more than half of people treated was just a single treatment, while others needed a bit 'more patience, but they have been able to eradicate the problem with two or three applications of the laser. Not all health care seem excited about the Israeli method: Richard Price of the American Dental Association has stated that the laser can be used as a last resort, since only 6 percent of bad breath appear to be related to the tonsils. Price told New Scientist: "Try first with conventional methods. Clean the tongue and neck brush swishing with mouthwash seems to work in most People with this disorder. "

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