Friday, November 14, 2008

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Hepatitis C Hepatitis C - Vertex reveals excellent data on a drug's

treatment investigational action institution attentam monitored on hepatitis C, conducted by Vertex uticals Pharmacie Inc, has shown a remarkable capacity to eliminate the virus in patients who have failed other treatments and those not previously treated for severe liver disease. The data relating to the trial who is now half way before the goal.

As demonstrated in previous studies, the experimental drug to Vertex on telaprevir, when combined with standard treatments, may be able to reduce to half the required 48 weeks of treatment with the current standard of care, Besides being more efficient.

In a study known as Test 3 with 453 patients who had failed previous treatment with pegylated interferon and ribavirin, 52 percent of those who received telaprevir has seen a steady reduction of the virus to undetectable levels persisted for 12 weeks after stopping treatment. (Source: The interim analysis of data that were presented at the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases).

The percentage of undetectable virus in 24 weeks after treatment, it will be a critical measure, known as sustained viral response (SVR).

"The effectiveness in non-responders is enormous. Nobody should have any doubt that this drug is working," said Jason Kolbert, an analyst at Susquehanna Financial Group.

"If Vertex is able to provide superior results to 35% in patients with severe HCV, is a huge jump. If the results are close to 50 percent, then it is a great success," Kolbert said prior to the disclosure of the result of 52%.

Hepatitis C is a disease that can lead to chronic liver disease, liver cancer, cirrhosis and death. The virus affects an estimated 170 million people around the world.

The most common side effects observed in patients treated with telaprevir trial in the study were gastrointestinal problems, skin rash and anemia. 14% of patients discontinued treatment due to adverse events seen in Experiment 2 and 16% in experiment 3, Vertex said.

Vertex is determined to start the advanced stage of the trial of telaprevir and its partner Johnson & Johnson.

Many companies are developing potential drugs rivals, including Schering-Plough Corp. boceprevir However, the testing phase in which it and the results achieved is largely in the telaprevir, and advantage should be the first in its class to reach the market.

(New York, Reporting Bill Berkrot, visit Router for full text)


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