Thursday, February 25, 2010

Landlord And Tenant Regarding Bees


reproduce below the text of a great song by Fabrizio De Andrè that describes what you do not want that to happen still in our city: LA Disamistade! (Sardinian means enmity, feud).


"What are these souls are outside the church these people divided

this story suspended

arm to measure a distance that the peace offensive

you think that peace is almost

families of two unarmed blood

lined up to surrender and all the other's pain is pain in the middle

is content to read
war causes of heart
the wail of a dog killed by a shadow of

it meets short
agonies on the way home
a burst of blood
absence laid for dinner, and every shot around

wonders that make us luck

these girls how to sew to sew these patches of mourning

renunciation of love between them is hiding a

lost hope that the enemy wants
that wants to return and
a rush of hands to touch the hands surprises

that there must be a way of life without pain

a race of face to face to discover that instead

rest is just a wind

a hate and a half
the party lacks the authority

that is opposed to our misfortune
this race of time to
sparigliare fate and fortune

these souls that are in front of the church

these people divided
this story suspended. "

Today, February 25, 2010 in Monte Sant'Angelo more than 2,000 citizens, associations and authorities, marched through the streets to protest against all forms of violence and blood feud.
In this Monte lived day one of his best moments, a great desire to legality and redemption along our streets and shows that a spring of a new Monte is far too difficult and the past is only a distant echo.
All we want the "Disamistade" ended forever.


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