Saturday, May 1, 2010

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E 'in progress at this time, the examination of the research project of the hydrocarbons that the company "Petroceltic Elsa srl" Today "Petroceltic Italy Srl" , would make a great stretch of sea surrounding the islands Tremiti.
Search operations require various ships, whose length varies from 70-90 meters. width and 12.5 meters, they should travel the length and breadth of a vast area of \u200b\u200bsea surrounding the islands Tremiti to search for hydrocarbons, shooting compressed air generating elastic waves on the sea bottom and the underside (Method-type Air-Gun).
precisely in that area, as well as being recorded the presence of dolphins, there is a varied marine life, which makes it a natural oasis of inestimable value and of high tourist interest also internationally.
The area under investigation is less than 5 km from the coast of the archipelago of islands Tremiti and could have a negative impact on the Marine Nature Reserve.
The Company "Petroceltic Elsa" in a document to supplement the Environmental Impact Study stated that "... studies on the use of compressed air (Air-Gun) have revealed the absence of mortality in marine life and side effects associated with the release of elastic waves, "but a few lines further admits that nowadays" ... very little research has been conducted to evaluate the effects induced by acoustic waves generated by seismic sea, by Air-Gun, the various stages of development of marine organisms and research on the effects made by Agip in 1986 gave results that are "to be considered preliminary and not exhaustive, particularly for certain species."
on some of these considerations, the Civic Association Network - Citizens for Monte Sant'Angelo joins with other Associations, Institutions and the Democratic Party to Monte Sant'Angelo, who made unanimously approved a policy document to that effect, to say emphatically that OUR SEA IS NOT OVER !!!!!
Finally we ask: what effect would the sea on our own research, if, rather than opens to be made in Italian waters, to be executed on the side of Croatia, after being authorized by that government?
(Antonio and Pasquale Masulli Lauriola, Rete Civica - Citizens for Monte Sant'Angelo)


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