Monday, February 28, 2011

Broken Capillaries On Legs And Chest

Paulistao: Palmeiras and Sao Paulo tie, go ahead and Corinthians Mirassol

From: Tropic of Football

The length of the delay of over an hour due to heavy rain (photo) that befell San Paolo, the end is worth the trouble . Exciting was in fact a classic between Sao Paulo and Palmeiras: ends 1-1 at the Morumbi, and it is the owners to complain more. The expulsion of defender Alex Silva change the inertia of a match that St. Paul was handling well, after finding the advantage by Fernandinho. Just the former Barueri, assisted by a ispiratissimo Dagobert, in the "fake striker" at Mass, and Lucas bring difficulties in continuing the defense of Verdao: very well on the outside of the PC 343 with Jean and Juan Carpegiani always to accompany the action. Instead, proceed to tear the 4231 Felipe Scolari, but shifting gears in the second half, thanks to Adriano "Michael Jackson" one of his wrath for simulation Alex Silva, who naively leaves 10, the Tricolor. At that point, the Palmeiras stationed in the 16 meters of the opponent and the sum of a series of chances, thwarted by the great Rogerio Ceni, who gives up just a few minutes from the end: combination Valdivia - Kleber, great assists, and Adrian finds low shot far post. The balance of the Morumbi smile Mirassol, Jundiaí 2-0 beating at the Paulista, and now leads the standings with the Paulistão Corinthians strolling (4-0) on Gremio Liedson still cautious on the shields (two for the former Sporting Lisbon). Santos still turbulence: the home draw with San Bernardo marks the end of the path of the coach Adilson Batista Peixe: the initial favorite for the succession, Abel Braga, is losing share to the preferred Neymar, that Ney Franco, who has led Brazil to victory in the South American Under-20 category.

Standings (top position): Mirassol 22 points and Corinthians, Palmeiras 21, Sao Paulo and Santos 19, Ponte Preta 18.


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