Thursday, February 10, 2011

Double Happiness Rubber Stamp

Sudamericano sub 20. Uruguay at the Olympics in London, Brazil almost

From: Tropic of Football

A network of Matias Vecino (photo) gives a victory in the classic River Plate and Uruguay math skills to the next Olympics was in 1928 that was missing from the Celeste Games. ends 1-0 between Argentina and Charrua the penultimate day of the Under-20 championship in Peru that is being played at the end of a game with a few limited technical content and spectacle. They just Argentina and Uruguay, the first time, the only emotion is a network rescinded the striker Machado (chosen in 11 initial instead of the new Genoa player Federico Rodriguez, who will take the field in the second half), who turns foul on the goalkeeper (questionable call), the excellent Andrada, before bagging. Defense with three central midfield thick with Polenta extreme left, and two peaks with opposite characteristics, Uruguay is content to play in rhythm, in the serenity of the ranking that puts him ahead of the live across the Rio de La Plata. Half a second time between 1:00 to 2:00 Vecino and the Goblin Moon, climbed into the chair in the second half, the midfielder put in front of the door, which also anticipates the companion Fred Rodriguez and put in the only goal of the match. The Argentina confirms mediocrity shown throughout the tournament, species in attack: unable to build on the counterattack, deployed in defense in attacking anything, slow in many parts of the game, the acceleration is not important Albiceleste Iturbe front, or, more generally, play decisive in attack ..
To reach the second place ranking in the Hexagonal final, Argentina must hope for a miracle, in fact, Brazil, devoid of different owners, beginning with the disqualified Neymar, beats suffering from Ecuador and now has a lead of three points (and a number of goals in goal difference) on rivals. To score the goal that decided the game is still the Seleçao Casemiro, end, after a free kick by Oscar. In the last match will challenge your Uruguay e Brasile, che potrebbero andare a braccetto alle Olimpiadi. Argentina comunque già qualificata per i prossimi mondiali di categoria: l'ultimo posto per la rassegna iridata che si disputerà in Colombia quest'estate, se lo giocano Ecuador e Cile faccia a faccia in un match dove i primi, in vantaggio in classifica, possono accontentarsi anche del pareggio.

Penultima giornata:
Argentina - Uruguay 0-1
Brasile - Ecuador 1-0
Cile - Colombia 3-1

Classifica: Uruguay 10 punti, Brasile 9, Argentina 6, Ecuador 5, Cile 3, Colombia 1.


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