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Libertadores: Estudiantes growing again, well Cruzeiro and Internacional

From: Tropic of Football

Mid week Libertadores in South America, a few notes.

Match highlights

Estudiantes - Deportes Tolima 1-0

Delicate Libertadores debut in "One of La Plata, Argentina jewel of the stadium, 's , Estudiantes, after the heavy defeat to Brazil with Cruzeiro. The Pincha played a poor first half him increasingly away from the memory of the perfect team, organized until a few months ago by Sabella: the joint BERIZZI has little identity game comes on with some of the accelerations Usually Enzo Perez (located left, and forced him to leave at the beginning of the second half because of an injury), but they rarely trouble the Deportes Tolima. The Colombian , protagonists of the elimination of Corinthians in the preliminary race play a careful and orderly , with a very effective transition attack. Defense 4 for Estudiantes with Roncaglia tried again on the left (it has different characteristics from Rojo, but still played a good match) and Desabato and Naples Federico Fernandez , certainly not the best performance of his career. Little movement, rhythm staid the pinch, however, is the goal, the 45 ', having ventured in different Colombian counter-attacks, thanks to a deflected free-kick from Pablo Barrientos barrier: some fraction of the discrete property of the Catania midfielder although we are still far from offering quality player before the terrible accident. In the second tranche Tolima makes it hard to change attitudes , but is still likely draw (two poles, a well constructed with good work from counterattack aimed to Medina). A pole for the pinch and good opportunities for Leandro Gonzalez, inaccurate as always in finalizing. With a few drops of sweat too Veron's team picks up but the first three points and breathes.

Large Brazilian victories. Cruzeiro, included in the group of Estudiantes and Deportes Tolima, trimming four goals in the Guarani (Wallyson-two of the young, into the former Palermo anceh Farias), while the 'right of Internacional Jaguares of Chiapas, always for 4-0, with two goals by Mario Bolatti (in the first deflection of Torres is crucial) and a great goal, at 90 ', Oscar, young talent "stolen" at the San Paolo.

Worrying goalless draw, however, of Fluminense against Nacional of Montevideo .


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